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Following an industry-wide consultation, the Freeview TV Guide is set to be updated and expanded on Wednesday 2 August 2017.

This change is designed to increase capacity for the launch of new channels in the future and strengthen consumer protection measures to further minimise risks around minors viewing inappropriate content.

Some existing channels will move to new numbers. Digital UK's policy for allocating channel numbers is also being simplified to provide greater flexibility for channel providers.

Freeview viewers may need to retune on or after this date to ensure they have the latest channel line-up, where equipment does not do this automatically.

The full Statement - Reorganisation of the DTT LCN listing and changes to Digital UK's LCN Policy - was published on 18 October 2016.

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Download Consultation

The new version of the LCN Policy takes effect immediately.

Download Digital UK LCN Policy

We have also made slight amendments to the LCN Allocation Terms and Conditions, so that where they reference the LCN Policy, they point to the correct sections of the new version.

Download Terms and Conditions

Temporary overflow areas

As we now have a clear plan to create more capacity for all genres which require it, we have decided to amend our temporary overflow areas.

We continue to see significant demand for General Entertainment LCNs, and we believe that in the interests of LCN efficiency and minimising disruption to channel providers, we should now reduce the size of the temporary Children's overflow (currently occupying LCNs 95-99).

Since we created the Children's overflow area in March 2016, one channel has launched into it: Ketchup TV, which will remain at its current LCN until 2 August, when it will join the other children's services in the newly-expanded Children's genre. If another children's service launches before 2 August, it will be temporarily allocated LCN 99.

The remaining LCNs in this range will be allocated to new General Entertainment services launching on the platform. They will be offered the opportunity to 'shuffle up' when channel moves take effect on 2 August.

If more additional LCNs are required for General Entertainment services before this date, new services will be allocated LCNs in the 140+ range and will also be offered the opportunity to 'shuffle up' on 2 August.